The Cement HSN Code. Cement HSN code in Gst

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The HSN Code in GST:

HSN code 6801 00 Setts, check stones and flagstones, of common stone (aside from record)

HSN code 6802 Worked fantastic or building stone (aside from record) and

articles thereof, other than products of heading 6801;

mosaic solid shapes and such, of common stone (counting

record), regardless of whether on a support; misleadingly hued

granules, chippings and powder, of regular stone

(counting record)

HSN code 6802 10 00 Tiles, solid shapes and comparative articles, regardless of whether rectangular

(counting square), the biggest surface zone of which is fit

of being encased in a square the side of which is under 7

cm; falsely hued granules, chippings and powder

Other fantastic or building stone and articles thereof,

just cut or sawn, with a level or even surface

cement HSN code
cement HSN code

The Cement HSN Code GST Rate:

6802 21 – Marble, travertine and alabaster :

6802 2110 – Marble squares or tiles

6802 21 20 – Marble great stone

6802 21 90 – Other

6802 23 – Granite :

6802 23 10 – Granite squares or tiles

6802 23 90 – Other

6802 29 00 – Other stone


6802 91 00 – Marble, travertine and alabaster

6802 92 00 – Other calcareous stone

6802 93 00 – Granite

6802 99 00 – Other stone

HSN code 6804 Millstones, grindstones, pounding haggles like,

without systems, for crushing, honing, cleaning,

trueing or cutting, hand honing or cleaning stones,

furthermore, parts thereof, of common stone, of agglomerated

normal or fake abrasives, or of earthenware production, with or

without parts of different materials

6804 10 00 – Millstones and grindstones for processing, granulating or on the other hand pulping – Other grinders, grindstones, pounding wheels and so forth :

6804 21 – Of agglomerated manufactured or normal jewel:

6804 21 10 – Diamond impregnated wheels

6804 21 90 – Other

6804 22 – Of other agglomerated abrasives or of earthenware production :

6804 22 10 – Grinding wheels of manufactured abrasives

6804 22 20 – Grinding wheels of different materials

6804 22 90 – Other

6804 23 – Of regular stone :

6804 23 10 – Grinding wheels made of regular stone

6804 23 90 – Other

6804 30 – Hand honing or cleaning stones:

6804 30 10 – Polishing stones

6804 30 20 – Sharpening stones Another thought with lightweight cement is that the totals are progressively permeable and accordingly hold more dampness. Lightweight totals will keep on absorbing dampness for quite a long time subsequent to being wetted for the restoring procedure. Subsequently, concrete losing its blend water to the “parched” totals during the relieving procedure can cause shading variety, mottling, and “surface crazing,” little systems of surface splits that happen during the early drying process. It’s essential to monitor all the blend water included and keep it in the correct range so as not to unfavorably influence the thickness of concrete just as its exhibition and appearance.

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