The Indian cement company is the third highest in the world after China, the employing in excess of a billions people throughout the India. The cement industry contributes a huge deal to the Indian economy, the more so because the construction industry in India relies more on the cement industry for many natural reasons. The Indian as well as foreign companies have invested millions in the Indian cement companies after regulations were lifted off in 1982. The cement industry in India is currently to the turnaround the phase striving more to come at par with its world competitors in terms of safety, production and cement its efficiency.



In India During the next three to four years, the Indian cement market is projected to be a mixed Annual Growth Rate of around 9.66 percent. Approximately 78 percent of the cement consumption can be attributed to the building sector in India, the 13 percent to the infrastructure sector, 11 types to the commercial construction and the rest to the industrial construction segment. The next three years might see the cement industry add on 6.4 crore tonnes to its capacity due to a steep rise in the demand. The Nuvocoo Duraguard Cement or Lafarge is large cement company in India, Lafarge Duraguard Cement promoted by the Indian cricketer, Virat Kohli. The overall cement capacity in India is expected to the reach 39.5 crore tones by the few year and 42.1 crore tonnes by the end of 2020 from the present 36.6 crore tones.

The staggering 89 percent of the total cement making in India comes from the 200 large plants set up around the country, while 765 small cement plants are responsible for the remaining five percent. Just the two states of Andhra Pradesh and the Rajasthan are home to 66 of the 288 large plants. Some of the world’s top cement industries are based in India. Eighty percent of all the cement produced in the India belongs to the top 25 companies operating in the industry. The Cement estate of the India or the company is a whole Indian owned field  into the cement production in the India. Other Cement Companies in India are JK Cement, JSW Cement, BIRLA Cement, Bangur Cement, Century Cement and ACC Cements Limited.  The Heidelberg Cement from foreing is one of the largest building materials companies in the world and entered into the Indian cement market with the few of Rajasthan. The Mysore Cements Limited or Diamond Cement was major producers of Cement in lower India and taken over by Heidelberg cements.

UltraTech Cement

The huge brand in Indian cement industry is UltraTech Cement, a product of the Indian multinational cement mainly the Aditya Birla Group that was founded in 1859. The group started its cement business in 1993 and named the brand UltraTech Cement. This brand is based in India’s economical capital Mumbai. The ultra tech Cement under the Industries Limited produces and sells cement. Industries Limited also into the production ranges from vehicle tires, cement. As much as 7.4 crore tones of portland cement is made out by UltraTech Cement every year. The company is also the biggest cement exporter in India. The India Cements Limited has 8 integrated cement plants in the state Tamil Nadu and a leading cement manufacturing factory in India, cement brands owned by India Cements are waters, Coramandel king and Raasi Gold. On 27 march 2019, the market fund of UltraTech Cement was valued at Rs. 95,363.84 crore.

Shree Cement

The Shree Cement is one of India’s leading cement manufacturing companies. It was established in 1980 in the town of the Ajmer district of the state of Rajasthan. The Shree Cement brand was founded in the Rajasthan and leading Indian cement manufacturer and also one of the highest cement makers in southern India. The founder member of Shree Cement, Venu Gopal Bangur is the executive chairman of the company. The annual amount of cement produced by Shree cement weighs up to 2.13 crore tonnes. Shree Cement’s market value amounted to Rs. 45,460.30 crore on 18 may 2019.

Ambuja Cements

The Ambuja Cements Limited as known as the formerly Gujarat Ambuja Cement Limited is an Indian cement manufacturing huge marketing  in the Indian cement industry for over 40 years now. The Ambuja Cements is the leading Indian cement manufacturing company, into the both manufacturing and supplier of cement and of clinkers. Founded in 1985, the Ambuja cement is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. In 2007, the management controls of the Ambuja Cements was bought by the world cement conglomerate from Switzerland. The annual manufacturing capacity of Ambuja Cements is around 4.3 crore tones. Ambuja Cements’ market market fund amounted to Rs. 57,105.87 on 12 feb 2019.


The ACC (Associate Cement Companies Limited) is the top cement manufacturers of India. It was founded in 1943 and is headquartered in Mumbai. The ACC Cement is again of the largest maker of cement in India and now it is operated as subsidiary of Ambuja Cements . The main Cement Companies Limited is a group of companies like FE Dinshaw, Khataus and Tata. There are 15 modern cement manufacturing things across the country that belong to the ACC. The companies employee over 9,000 people and has many dealers for the distribution of its product. ACC’s market capitalisation was Rs. 45,639.93 crore on 13 may 2019.

Ramco Cements

Company was Founded as Madras Cements Limited in the 1948s, the Ramco Cement is one of the leading cement companies in India. The Ramco Cements company is shift based in the Chennai and the fourth largest cement producer in India. This company has also installed the windmill and operates their wind farms. It is headquartered in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The main Portland cement is the basic project of the company. The combined manufacturing capacity of the seven state-of-the art facilities of Ramco Cements at now is 2.89 crore tones annually. The market fund of Ramco Cements was valued at around Rs.13,047.00 crore on 18 march 2019.

Prism Cement

The Prism Cement is the one of the largest building materials companies in country. The Grey cement is the basic product of the company; however, it deals in the various types of construction materials such as bricks and other hardware products for kitchens and bathrooms. This type of the cement is highly reliable on their stocks and shares. On 14 may 2019, the market fund of Prism Cement amounted to Rs.17,637.59 crore.

Dalmia Cement

The Dalmia Cement is the one of the cement manufacturing of the Dalmia Group which was established in 1949. Over 80 years of the successful operations in the cement industry, Dalmia Cement today has grown to be placed amongst the valued cement companies in India. The Dalmia Cement has  its new name to OCL India, this is one of the biggest cement and also the first cement company in India with the ISO certification. The company has producing the facilities in Andhra Pradesh with a combined production capacity of over 110 lakh tones of cement per year. On 21 June 2019, the market fund of Dalmia Cement amounted to Rs. 23,753.63 crore.

JK Laxmi Cement

The JK Laxmi Cement is one of the most popular names of the Indian cement industry. It had founded in 1984 and the main headquartered in Rajasthan. The Jk Lakshmi company is the fifth largest cement producer in the India and also into the business of Real Estate, industries and Expressways. It is the one of the cement-making subsidiary of the JK group and that was established in back in 1892. JK Laxmi Cement makes out around 835 lakh tones of cement annually. The market fund of JK Laxmi Cement was valued at Rs. 7,880.17 crore on 17 June 2019.

Orient Cement

The Orient Cement is the main company of the Indian cement market. It started off in 1949. It is based in Hyderabad city , state Telangana. The orient brand of company is in the production of cement and the Cement is flagship subsidiary of the orient companies. The total manufacturing capacity of Orient Cement is 60 lakh tones per year, which the company makes to take around 2.5 crore tones by 2020. Orient Cement’s market fund amounted to Rs. 6,644.62 crore on 20 June 2019.

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