Cement Door Frame : Types of various door frame.


door frame
cement door frame

Do you want to know the information about the cement doors,  cement frame and the Cement door wall and the cement floor then here’s the short informative article about the door just take a look.

Cement Door Frame

cement frame
cement frame

Cemply planner entryway and window screen are produced using cemply level concrete sheet. It is solid, strong , delightful but then efficient. It can withstand distinctive climate conditions. Doesn’t shrivel, grow or wrap during storm like the conventional wooden entryway. It is impervious to fire, warmth and borer pervasion. It is anything but difficult to fix or introduce and are for all intents and purposes support free. Inferable from our tremendous experience of the business, we are offering Cement Door Frames Mold.

These edges have elastic shape half round in side and can be profited in according to client necessity. Clients can profit these door jambs from us in various sizes, colors  and shapes according to their requirements. Cement concrete Door frames are used in all residential as well as commercial Buildings due to their lot of advantages R.C.C. Door frames are best replacement and ultimate solution to all types of door frames available in market. It is innovative concrete product. Because of attributes like high toughness, consistent completing and obstruction against consumption, these door jambs are broadly extolled among the regarded clients.


cement door frame
cement door frame

Intense, LONG LASTING HIGHEST VALUE FOR MONEY, FOR YEARS. Individuals who are developing their fantasy homes will be in a steady point of view on various methods for development. Some will be situated to discover approaches to save money on development cost and some others will think on where they can get the exceptional things which nobody else has utilized with the goal that he can flaunt to others regardless of what the expense.

Applications of Cement Door Frame.

  • Farm Banglows
    • Apartments Flats
    • Office or schools
    • Bathroom
    • toilets

Features of Cement Door Frame.

  • Fire resistance
  • Moisture resistance
  • No shrinkage
  • Economical
  • Junk proof
  • Ready to paint
  • Termite proof
  • Ready to paint
  • Very strong

Specifications of the Cement Flooring:

Male – female forests are made to fix the edge in appropriate position,

1. Segment and Size

Pre-given solid door jambs are a role as of same segment, size and look as that of wooden or steel outline according to Indian gauges or according to general modelers rule.

2. Support

Support comprise of 4 mm HT indented pre-stress wires or 6 mm hard attracted steel with rings 3 mm wire present in all part,

3 . Concrete

Products are precast solid door jambs are made from high quality cement of evaluation more than M40.Our Curing is finished with assistance of relieving tanks, outlines plunged for in any event 15 days

4. Wrapping up

Completing is high evaluation smooth structure finish require just artistic creation with preliminary coat.

5. Pivot Block

Three vertical individuals are given wood pivot hinder for fixing pivots, hooks or focal lock. Two GI jolt consistently goes through the wood pivot square in order to grapple it with outline everlastingly and gave screen a fix position. wood pivot square have high screw holding limit, screw can be fixed and remover no of times during life expectancy.

6. Hold quick

6 mm GI jolt is accommodated fixing holdfast


Two vertical individuals are furnished with opening for all-drop

8. Pressing

Door jamb individuals are pressed boxes for safe vehicle through long separation

Cement Door Frame, type/Size: 7 Feet

Material: rcc

Style: Arch, Rectangular

Measurement/Size: 7 feet

Highlights: yes

Brand: yes

Price : 1000 Rs

The Nagpur cement frame

Style: Rectangular

Shading: Gray

Thickness: 20-100mm

Material: Cement Price : 900 Rs

Grey Smooth RCC cement Frame :

Size/Dimension: 1200 x2150

Shading: dark

Finish: Smooth

Evaluation Of Material: M-40

Brand: Ventura

Measurement: 1000 x 2150

Price : 750 Rs

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